Hey, I'm Christina!

In 2018 I left my full time marketing manager job and started Goldfinch Marketing, where I am a self employed marketing consultant and designer. The journey hasn’t always been easy but having the support of a small group of fellow business owners always makes things better.

Since moving to Dorset, not long before the pandemic, I struggled to find any relaxed, in person meet ups for business owners like me. I’m not a fan of formal networking – people in suits, handing out business cards just isn’t my thing. In 2022 I decided to set something up myself.

I started Goldfinch Gatherings, not to find new clients personally (although that is a lovely bonus!) but to connect with other business owners. Running a business by yourself can be lonely and it’s hard for friends and family to understand, unless they’ve done it themselves.

I love bringing together a group of friendly business owners to connect and support one another through the ups and downs of being self employed. The meet ups are designed to build your confidence in talking about what you do as well as providing an opportunity to grow your business through referrals and recommendations.

I’d love to know more about you at the next event!

In September 2023 we celebrated the first year of Goldfinch Gatherings!

It was a great event, with lots of familiar faces and some lovely new ones too! Photo credit to KatieN.Co